Tumse Na Ho Payega

28-year-old Gaurav is not only stuck in his engineering job but also in the self-imposed expectations of society. Amidst his mundane routine of killing time with Mal & Vaghela, stalking Devika, abusing Arjun and sulking at work, Gaurav gets sacked from work. While dealing with his mom’s histrionics and society’s guardian Anu Aunty’s disapproval, Gaurav chances upon a business idea. Instead of giving in to the pressure around him, this time Gaurav decides to follow his heart. And what follows is one hell of a ride which weaves together hilarious, emotional inspiring moments filled with everyday wisdom about living your life for society versus living your life for your own happiness.

Let’s see what wins - Gaurav’s belief or society’s constant reminders to him of ‘Tumse Na Ho Payega’

Release date:

29th Sep 2023

Produced by:
Roy Kapur Films
Earthsky Pictures And
Star Studios
Abhishek Sinha
Story By:

Nitesh Tiwari

Nikhil Mehrotra

Varun Agarwal


Ishwak Singh
Ishwak Singh
Mahima Makwana
Mahima Makwana
Gaurav Pandey
Gaurav Pandey


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